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Rog’s Story in a nutshell… Which is how he refers to himself!

Starting playing piano at four, his style is the result of a blend of structured (forced) lessons and playing by ear.  In his teens he also picked up guitar, had several bands and was soon writing music. For a while he attended RI School of Music and Berklee U in Boston. His teachers encouraged him to “get out and work the clubs.”


Rog estimates he’s written well over 1,000 songs!  He’s also written several books on playing piano/guitar by ear and improvising, toured as a stand-up comic and then as a business and healthcare speaker/entertainer, and penned another book, “How To Be Funnier, Happier, Healthier & More Successful.”


Along the way Rog has entertained many kinds of groups and venues including Fortune 500 businesses, hundreds of healthcare centers including Duke, Mayo Clinic and Karmanos Cancer Institute, and festivals and fairs.  He’s created funny surprise songs on the spot for his audiences and composed personalized songs for governors, mayors, company CEOs and regular folks wanting a memorable way to mark a special event. Rog was former Director of the non-profit Carolina Health & Humor Association. He conducted workshops to help nurses use the sense of humor as a powerful work tool and helped cancer patients use music to boost moods and immune systems.


Through the years, one constant in Rog’s life, besides his wife of many years and his love of family, has been his passion for and dedication to playing, singing and songwriting.   Combining his musical skills and comedy expertise, Rog writes music with depth and emotion and lyrics that can run from serious and sincere to funny and zany… often within the same song.